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Women of Wisdom and Wellness

Transforming lives, one person at a time. 

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The W.O.W.W. You Are Called to be a Lady conferences got started from the dens and living rooms of women that we have connected to and that God has led into our space. We started in my home at my kitchen table in a group discussion about building relationship with God to sharing with friends and family members about the goodness of God when we came together during the conference setting I didn’t know how God would have his way in the place, but he did. Ladies were connected from all walks of life. God has always been strategic and how he connects people for his purpose.

I love how women come to hear the word, our conferences, but use the conferences to connect women and areas of their life that need to develop. So many lives have been blessed by the W.O.W.W. You Are Called to be a Lady conferences when we let God do the work in and through us and use other people as a tool in our process of development we would be able to blossom exponentially.


W.O.W.W. retreat is an opportunity to withdraw from the tests and trials of life. As a pastor, I have found that we all need a moment to retreat. We need a moment to get away and retreat, as well as allow God to speak into our hearts. Also, it gives us the opportunity to gain momentum to become refreshed so that we will regain the energy that we need to keep moving forward. As well as to renew our minds in the new perspective, so that we can continue to move forward in the Word of God and the purpose for our lives.


Romans 12:2 do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing you my discern, what is the wheel of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect


W.O.W.W. has allowed women to come away from everyday living in trials to regain perspective in God’s word so that they can have the strength of God to continue to move forward. Even in the testing, and even in their trials, they can move forward. They can move forward with the strength of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. They can continue to stand with the full armor of God. Ephesians 6:10 - 18.


These women are able to think about where they came from to where they are, as well as, to where they are going in life. Their are moments of prayer. There are moments of connection with other like-minded women. There are moments of activities. And to break up the moment the ladies enjoy the fun laughter and the appreciation of growth. They most definitely appreciate connecting with other women to help move them forward. There is nothing like sisterhood.

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