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ShaeVon Butts

When you see W.O.W.W advertise on shirts, event invitations, and social media post, what comes to mind for me, it was just that, WOW! I’ve had the privilege to be able to attend a few events, including their focus retreats I would expect one thing and get something far beyond what expected. The retreats were always filled with a community of women for all walks of life, love, openness, understanding, insight, and of course, God‘s presence. We’re all walking through this journal called life, but we are going down different paths. Each path leads to God, but sometimes figuring out to get in his presence and heal for past experiences can be tricky. These retreats definitely help me to continue my journey of healing and growth. I highly recommend young ladies and women to attend W.O.W.W. retreats to get the genuine, love and support needed for the next phase in their life, and within the relationship with God.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a W.O.W.W. conference throughout the years and I learned so much about my relationship with others myself and God. It’s cool how each conference has a different theme so you can’t assume it’s going to be the same thing each time. I’ve even attended a marriage conference once. I’m not married, but I did feel encouraged to explore the roles of being a wife, along with the role of a husband, and every facet of life. Most importantly,, spiritually. I recommend people who are thinking about getting married, who are engaged, newlyweds and married veterans to attend their conferences. You’re able to see different, married life, journeys, and see that we are all human and be able to properly communicate with your partner all while keeping God in the center of all it is the key. Throughout my life I’ve struggled with a concept of God and having a relationship with him. I met Pastor Donna years ago, before she became Pastor Donna, through my mom and she introduced me to the Lord. I’ve seen how he’s such a major part of her life and Fortitude Church was established and hosting services. I was excited to attend being new and shy about my relationship with God. I didn’t feel comfortable worshiping in front of a large crowd. As my comfortability grew in my faith, so did the number of members. Isn’t that cool how God works? I look at it as he knew what I could handle and I’m so grateful for Fortitude Church. It is an amazing place to worship and build spiritual community. They have some amazing programs in the works to support families, couples, our kids, and most importantly, your personal spiritual relationship with God, our Abba as I affectionally call Him. Now come and join us for a service and see for yourself.

Being invited to be a part of the W.O.W.W. team for their conference and events has been a valuable experience for me. I’ve met new women from all walks of life. Pastor Donna focuses on highlighting your strengths while pairing us with others to help us work on our weaknesses. Pastor Donna truly believes that God has blesses us all with special gifts and it’s important to use those gifts as often as possible, to share them with others, and push yourself to reach your full potential. I’ve learned so much and have grown so much as an individual and an entrepreneur in the making. I’m grateful for the experiences and wouldn’t change a thing. I’m definitely looking forward to being able to share more of my gifts and what I’ve learned with this amazing organization again in the near future. If you’re looking for a God-loving organization to push you to reach your full potential, be surrounded by interesting people from all walks of life, and be in a safe space to try something new... reach out to them immediately.

lesheeba brown

LaSheeba Brown

Over the last year I have grown tremendously in multiple areas but most of all in my spiritual journey. With God, I have improved the way I handle adversity and embrace sisterhood in a way only our heavenly father assigned. This all came out with being a part of an amazing ministry called Women of Wisdom and Wellness. The spiritual knowledge and support has helped me be a better mother, friend, woman of God, and potential wife. Saturday morning meetings is one of the things I look forward to weekly. I know I’m going to laugh, learn, but most of all get read that word from God that my soul is thirsty for. Thank you God for sending what I needed by allowing me to be the part of W.O.W.W. ministry.

julie atkins

Julie Atkins

My first experience with W.O.W.W. was a ladies event I attended when Donna spoke about Christian growth being like giving birth, and about how we need Christian sisters around us like midwives. I love that analogy she put words on what I was eeling that I needed support from godly women. I felt so encouraged with that that day by a lady named Tamika, who ministered to me about my true worth in Christ.


I started going to weekly Bible study that Donna was leading. It meant so much to me to have that fellowship, especially when I went through a period of severe depression. The ladies encouraged me, listened to my pain, and prayed for me. I was sent down a path of healing. I started going to weekly Bible study that Donna was leading. It meant so much to me to have that fellowship, especially when I went through a period of severe depression. The ladies encouraged me, listened to my pain, and prayed for me. I was sent down a path of healing. They asked me if I really believed God was good and I realized I did not. After some time, studying what the word says about God’s goodness, I was able to come to believe that he is good, that he loves me, and is taking care of me. For the first time in my life, I was finally able to understand that I am saved by Grace not by being good, it changed my life. I loved Donna‘s way of making the word of God practical. She always has a visual representation of what she is teaching. I also love how she uses handouts and hands on ways of getting you to take a look at yourself. Whether it is journaling, making a vision board, or even painting. She really makes you want to grow deeper and deeper in your relationship with the Lord and she provides a safe loving space for restoration and growth as a child of God.

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